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Be Totally Well offers a membership approach to care that focuses on specialized services for specific members needs and designed to streamline quality care. A combination of conventional and holistic practices blends uniquely to provide the best patient outcomes. Whether you're stepping into fitness for the first time or seeking to enhance your wellness routine, or take control of your chronic health issues; our diverse range of memberships caters to your needs. Embrace a personalized path to health that's as unique as you are.

Members receive unlimited access and support with the provider and access to recipes, meal plans, lifestyle, mindset and lifestyle guides. Health specify need assessment with accountability.

& coaching



Our program is not a one size fits all approach. We take each patient's health needs, conditions and lifestyle and put together a personalized plan specifically for their metabolic needs.

weight loss

Gut health

This program is an in-depth look at how to feed your microbiome to decrease the inflammation in your body, which can lead to health benefits like increased energy, weight loss, clearer skin, better sleep, and is ideal for those with issues such as IBS, Crohn's, Leaky Gut, SIBOI etc. This is the program for you.


Primary Care

We provide concierge medical services for our members adults age 18 and up. Our perspective, a balanced approach to health ensures the highest standard of care in a private, calm and soothing setting that ensures you feel well the moment you step through our doors. 


Hormone Imbalances

The conventional medical system focuses on medication and surgery mostly to address hormone imbalances that affect both women and men. At Be Totally Well, we value the integration of both, incorporating alternative medicine which focuses much on how lifestyle, nutrition, stress, sleep, environment and other factors can affect hormone, and seek to find the root cause and address these to bring about balance.


Business Memberships Available

We keep you compliant by providing  comprehensive and personalized employee health physicals and screenings such as drug and alcohol testing, tuberculosis testing, vaccinations and titers, and physical exams that's delivered with efficiency and reliability. 

Return to work care

Be Totally well can provide clinical staff to provide medical care and services for your elegant  business and personal events to ensure safety of employees and guests.

Special events services

Give your employees the support they need with a wellness program to help them perform at their best. Our holistic wellness program can offer IV hydration, massage, fitness optimization, nutrition and weight loss to help your employees, feel, look and work at their very best.

Wellness programs

Be Totally Well can provide concierge in office and personal medial service for your top leaders in your business. We provide unlimited access. Physical, lab and certain acute care at your convenience.

Executive membership

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Be Totally Well is a concept that comes completely from the heart. With this website I hope to use my life experiences and the things I've learned along the way to inspire, strengthen and educate women.

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