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There are immense disparities in the American health care system when it comes to inequalities that disproportionately impact people of color.

When I was pregnant and subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer during the pregnancy, I struggled to find doctors who understood my physical, cultural and mental health needs.

As a patient, patient advocate and now provider I am in a unique position to not only provide care, but to help patients learn how to communicate with their health care providers and navigate the complicated health care system. African Americans in the United States and those who have migrated have generally experience poorer health outcomes across a variety of diseases and conditions.

Currently, black men have the lowest life expectancy than any major demographic group in the United States and live on average 4.4 years fewer that non-Hispanic white men. There is also a documented maternal mortality crisis among African American women in the United States. Black women are three times more likely to die as a result of complications from pregnancy, labor and childbirth than white women.

It is with my personal experience, and those of many of my patients that I’ve decided to develop an app with a directory for African American medical and mental health care providers of all specialties, to include black owned health care agencies and medical practices of color to give our people access to providers that look like them.  

A Black Directory



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