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Our weight-loss programs are built to fit into your busy lifestyle 

Losing weight isn't the same for everyone. It's not as simple as eating healthy and exercising. Be Totally Well weight loss programs are integrative in nature. Meaning, we utilize nutrition, exercise regimen, medications( if necessary), supplements, herbs and cleanses to help everyone achieve their desired results.

We realize that weight loss isn't a one size fits all. That is why each plan will include labs, nutrition, exercise plan, medication, vitamins and supplements  to assist patients in losing weight. The program is designed to help you reshape your lifestyle by adopting healthy new habits and breaking unhealthy old ones with a little help.

Weight LOSS

• This is a 12 week program  includes 1 in person visit per month with unlimited text and support from our nurse practitioner while on the program.

• Full comprehensive lab work with full physical including EKG

• 3 (30 day) supply of prescription weight loss medications each month (must qualify).

• 90-Day Supply of Be Totally Well "SLIM" supplement.

• 6 bi-weekly fat-burning lipo-shots (High doses of the fat blasting compounds Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and a potent dose of vitamin B12 for increased energy) .

• 1 Slim IV each month ( see IV Hydration page for details)

• 10% Total body contouring procedure with state of the art equipment (non-invasive)

• 12 week nutritional meal plan based on your goals with Herbalife Nutritional Support.

• 24 personal training sessions with certified trainer. (2x week)

Meal prep is available as an add on for additional price.


This is a great program for those looking to lose weight and detox at the same time!

Each weight loss client gets body composition analysis 

State of the art body composition analysis 

Instead of focusing on a single number on a scale, our body  analysis measure the composition of muscle, fat and water . This allows us to not only track your weight loss progress, but also to make sure that the focus areas of weight loss allows for fat loss while retaining muscle and water . Body composition analysis is the key to tracking and maintaining effective weight-loss. This device shows you key components of your health such as :

Skeletal Muscle
Percent Body Fat
Body Fat Mass
Basic Metabolic Rate
Visceral Body fat and more .......

Want to know if our weight loss programs are right for you? 

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation. 

A complimentary telephone consultation will give you an opportunity to ask questions about my approach and decide whether you wish to book my services. This free consultation is to determine if any of the weight-loss programs are right for you, and give you an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other and for accomplishing your goals.

Herbalife nutritional support available as an  additional purchase 

• Enjoy 50% off the detox cleanse program, which is a great way to end your weight-loss program.

• Enjoy 10% off all body contouring services.  

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Be Totally Well is a concept that comes completely from the heart. With this website I hope to use my life experiences and the things I've learned along the way to inspire, strengthen and educate women.

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