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One of my love languages is acts of service. I love when my husband does nice things for me. Like fold the laundry, clean up the kitchen, or even cook. I often have to ask everyone in the house to do their part and unrealistically expect then to just do so without me asking. After all, why do I need to ask them to sweep and mop the floor, can’t they see? (insert eye roll)


Anyway, I’ve always wanted to grow my own food. Growing up in the Caribbean, most of what we ate we either grew ourselves or was locally grown. From our vegetables and fruits down to our meat. It didn’t get more organic than that. Your chicken ate feed, and your sheep and goats ate grass. You knew exactly what you were eating. One of my other fond memories of growing up in the island, is that we had to take a class called agriculture, it was there that we learned so much more. The simplicity in how our food was made and being able to grow a seed and nurture it and then enjoy the benefits of your labor was everything.


When I was diagnosed with cancer, I took a long look at my health and decided it was time to make changes to my diet, having a garden was one of them. So the past few weeks,  I started doing research ad contacted my friend Andre to help me with the process. I almost left that project right there because when it came to materials and home depot trips. I am not cut out for that.

Here’s a pic of my kiddies helping


But my husband got wind of my plans and decided to go behind my back ad contacted Andre to get things going. And this Mother’s Day we filled the boxes with soil to begin the process of planting our first set of veggies and I can’t be more thrilled. My husband Marc went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted and more and for that I am truly grateful. I thought last Mother’s Day (2019) would have been my last but here I am in the middle of 2020 apocalypse because well, covid, still fighting and still kicking. Thank God.


I know it’s Mother’s Day but I wanted to take this time to shout my husband Marc for recognizing my love language and delivering. And for the babies for their help today.


I hope everyone took some today to relax and to take care of their mothers. Because the day after, is back to the grind.

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