Nutrition before and after exercise?

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More than the exercise itself, nutrition is important to not only enhance workouts but to aid in workout recovery. Knowing that to eat and when will make a significant impact on your workout routine. Have you noticed that after workouts you’re hungry more than before you started and find yourself eating any and everything after workout and sometime even diminishing the work you’ve put in because your choices may not be the most healthy?

I totally get it and understand, but that before I knew and understood the importance of macro nutrient and timing of workouts. But first ,let’s look at the benefits of proper nutrition for your workout routine.

  1. Improves performance: You will find that your endurance is better and your ability to perform certain exercises is enhanced by nutrition. Good nutrition will provide a balance of proteins,vitamins and mineral for muscle growth and repair.

2. More energy: Food gives us energy to workout. As your workout routine changes rot become more active, and as you lose weight and inches deepening on your goals, so will your caloric intake needs. . To get the energy you require, you need to get the proper amount of: Protein, which is needed to maintain and rebuild tissues such as muscles.

3. Aids in recovery: During post-exercise recovery, optimal nutritional intake is essential to replenish endogenous substrate stores and facilitate muscle-damage repair and reconditioning. … This is the most critical determinant of muscle glycogen synthesis.

4. Better results: Nutritional habits will have a far greater impact on your body composition and physique goals than any other fitness component.


  • Hydrate- Make sure to drink water throughout the day and during and after exercise. (add some lemons if you’re feeling fancy or if you have a had time driving water, infuse with fresh fruit.
  • Replenish with electrolytes, electrolytes is lost during exercise, Gatorade and coconut water are easily accessible forms of electrolytes.
  • Avoid process foods- plan well for your meals, or you’d find after a high intensity workout you’re hungry and will grab thee first easy thing and that’s junk. Eating process foods will add calories, unhealthy fats and sugars and defeats the purpose of working out
  • Eat for your needs- everyone’s nutritional needs will be different and depending on your workouts, intensity etc you may need more or less. Getting enough calories and water is also important to get the most out of your exercise.


Well that all depend son some factors

  • Your age, sex and health status
  • The type of exercise
  • The length of time you’re exercising
  • Your health goals

The body needs carbs for energy. it uses it for fuel for moderate to high intensity workouts. Our bodies require 5-12g/kg of carbs daily based on activity level.The general recommendation is to consume carbs at least 1 hr before exercise if you will be exercising for 1 hr or more.

American college of sports medicine. Exercise and fluid replacement.

Finally, REMEMBER:

  • Losing weight is not a quick trip, it may take time to figure out what works for you, be kind to yourself.
  • Do not over exert yourself, if you have certain conditions like PCOS and infertility, too much intense work out can work against you.
  • Try working out mornings instead of evenings, because exercise energizes you and may keep you up at the time you should be winding down to getting sleep.
  • Working out evenings will also make you want to eat after an intense workout which can work against you if you’re tryin to not eat late meals. The body should be going into rest mode at nights…keep that in mind.

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