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Ok I get it, marriage is tough, I know that for a FACT. But we all had our distractions, before covid, you know, things to keep us busy. Our own hobbies, brunch dates with the girls, hang outs with the fellas, but now we are at home, stuck with our spouses lol. 24/7.  What a time to be married lol. 

I just thought I’d drop a few of the things we have and will be doing to help pass the time. If this covid virus doesn’t let up by the time we get to number 10, then Lord help us all. lol

I am happily married guys, but covid, married, work from home and 4 kids…nah

Anyway below is a list of things or challenges, whatever you wanna call them. I don’t care. If your marriage is already a challenge then don’t call it that. Call it , I don’t know what to call it…lol  just do the damn things.

Put on a fashion show:

Play dress up for each other, but wearing each other’s clothes. Men now is not the time to portray fragile masculinity. Do it for the laughs, because you will laugh and some of you probably need it.

The don’t talk, don’t look competition

I gotta be honest this is hard for me.I love to talk and my husband loves to stare, maybe we will go half and half. Anyway, see how long you can go without talking or looking at each other. This may be easy for some folks cause y’all marriage is miserable, and you’re probably looking forward to this. For others this can cause a fight well because one party may find it offensive that you can go so long without speaking or looking at them, which will cause a fight and either way that will take time. But if this particular challenge  is normal for you, get a divorce. Don’t even waste your time on therapy, you’re not gonna talk there either. I’m just saying lol.


Draw each other naked. Now don’t be an ass, in this activity you don’t need to honest. Yes I said it. LIE. If your spouse is overweight do not draw them overweight, unless you want to die then that’s another story, and there’s other ways to do that, like going outside and not wear a mask and not practice social distancing, or go to the ER and take deep breaths, good chance of death. At  this point it’s just a matter of preference.

Do some craft activity-

There’s tons of craft ideas online, like candle making or make a bath bomb and take a bath together. This will be fun to learn something new to do together and good news, there’s a good chance it will end in sex.

Teach each other a new skill.

Men, teach your wife how to play final fantasy, 2k or call of duty, guarantee you will be happy, because instead of complaining why you’re always playing video games, next time  she can actually join you. For the women, you  can teach your non-cooking husband how  to cook a dish, that way he can contribute to this damn household ( Triggered) ….ok sigh, I got excited. Lol no shade MARC. I love you. Lol.

Be mischievous

Prank call your friends or your parents, just make sure they don’t have any underlying heart conditions, and for God sake , don’t prank that someone died. Have some decency. (eye roll)

House party app-

Plan a date night where you get to dress up with other couples or friends using the houseparty app, play games and eat a virtual dinner together.

Learn a new language-

Start planning your vacation for post covid (whenever that is) if it’s a country that speaks another language besides your naive english, then  commit to learning that language or at least enough to get you around without thinking talking louder to the locals mean they can now understand you . It will make you look good to the local people and  they will either commend you for making an effort to learn their language and culture and also laugh at you for how awkward you sound.

Movie night

Build a fort in the living room, plan to watch movies and eat snacks, if you have kids, 4 of them, like we do then consider it family night, or WWF because majority of the night will be spent breaking up fights between toddlers , or the teenagers arguing over what movie to watch. (can you tell I’m speaking from experience) Or you can just  wait till they go to sleep and hope that you’re not too old or tired and end up falling  asleep before the opening credits.

Devote spiritual time

Read and study a book of the bible together. I promise you the discussion will be good, you will also grow closer to God and share a level  intimacy that goes far beyond sex.

Whatever you do, find time to laugh because even though the world outside is going crazy, it doesn’t mean you world inside has to.

If all else fail……nothing, I am sorry, I have nothing lol, carry on.



P.S- If you do any of these activities, please send pics, and with your permission I’d love to post a follow up on my blog.

DISCLAIMER: Be Totally well is not responsible for any fights or marriages that end in divorce. You also cannot sue me. I am broke .



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