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With so many misinformation and panic going around. I just wanted to take this time not only as a health coach but also  Nurse Practitioner to inform you of how to manage covid-19 at home and what you should be looking for. Most patients will have mild to moderate illness and can self-manage at home. Here’s what I have been telling my patients. Hope you can find this information useful.

  • The illness is like the flu, with similar course, but may worsen.
  • Rest and take plenty of fluids and symptomatic care such as Tylenol for body aches and pain associated with fever.
  • If you’re already on NSAIDS, then continue to do so.
  • Continue usual medications including Ace inhibitors and ARBS.



  • Severe shortness of breath while resting, difficulty breathing.
  • Chest pain
  • Cold, clammy or mottled/pale skin, blue lips or face (signifying low O2 saturation levels)
  • New confusion
  • Difficult to rouse
  • Little/or no urine output
  • Hemoptysis (small amounts of blood with sputum when coughing)



  • Have someone else without symptoms and who hasn’t been in close contact, get meds and supplies from the pharmacy on the patient’s behalf.
  • Self isolate for 7 days  if COVID-19 is a presumptive diagnosis, ( while awaiting testing  and/or results)  within the home and away from vulnerable family members. (once positive, isolation should be extended to 14 day quarantine and be symptom free for 72hrs or fever free before considered well to go back into your community, and/0r be cleared by your health care provider and/or be retested if necessary.
  • Household contacts should self isolate for 14 days from when patient became ill.
  • All family members should wash hands regular with soap and water


Patients who live alone should identify someone to check on them regular for worsening, to run errands to get food and medication.



Clinical characteristic of 1099 hospitalized patients in Wuhan, China were:

  1. Cough (69%)
  2. Temperature 99.5 -100.4°F (22%)
  3. Temperature >100.4 °F (22%)
  4. Fatigue (38%)
  5. Sputum (34%)
  6. Shortness of breathe (19%)
  7. Muscle Aches (15%)
  8. Sore Throat (14%)
  9. Headache (14%)
  10. Chills (12%)
  11. Nasal Congestion (5%)
  12. Nausea/Vomiting (5%)
  13. Diarrhea (4%)

I’ll add these other Sx based on what I’ve seen in confirmed cases in our practice

loss of smell and taste and also note that a lot of patients are asymptomatic (meaning no symptoms at all)

Finally I encourage you all to stay home and stop the spread. Stay tuned for another post with  FREE DOWNLOADABLE GUIDE  TO NATURAL ANTIVIRALS/HERBS I also realize that there are many who may not have access to a health care provider.  Queens Village Primary Medical care is offering  telemedicine, under the ownership/profile  of Dr Aryel Nicoleau, my collaborating MD. You will be able to text me directly there.  Use the link below to download the app and sign up

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