She believed she could so she did.

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Today I graduated with My Master of Science in Nursing, specializing in Adult Gerontological health. The tough days made it feel like this day would never come but it’s here and I did it with flying colors. I never doubted that it could be done, but there were definitely days I was unsure of myself.  It wasn’t an easy road. Many nights I wondered if I was doing a disservice to my family, not being spend quality time with them, be able to go out with friends and having to turn down lots of invites. And to top it all off finding out midway that  you have cancer which is now  stage 4 cancer. Sigh, it’s definitely a sigh of relief to be able to go to bed and not have to wake up few hours after everyone else is asleep to complete assignments or study, and then still having to get up to get to work. I have to first say Thank you to God who knew since the day I was born that there was and is a purpose for my life. I am impregnated with possibilities; endless ones and I see no point in stopping now. God knew this day would eventually come, it’s sad because I am also fighting for my life., and it’s easy to lose sight of a goal when you have to climb over mountains and barbed wire to get to it. But here I am, and he has placed a village around me to support me every step of the way.

I’d next like to thank my wonderful life partner Marc. God is an amazing God, he placed us in each other’s lives at the right moment in earth’s history because he knew we needed each other and I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else. You have been my back bone through this process, the one person I can talk to and who understands me. I’d like to also thank my children who have been patient (mostly the teenagers) because the toddlers don’t care whatsoever that I had to study or cannot play with them at moment. Lol. I would like to thank my parents, my mom, my mom-in-love who have kept the kids overnight many nights so we can have some time alone and  in turn made it possible for me to have nights to study. I would like to thank my father in law who has so much confidence in my knowledge, skills and ability that he trust me to be his colleague. He believes in me, even though he may not say it, but I know. And also, to my extended family, especially my sister in law who always lend her ears to my rants. To all my friends thank you for the many words of encouragement . You guys know how to make a sister feel proud. The best is yet to come…I’ve only skimmed the top of the iceberg of  dreams today.

One word of advice for anyone scared to go back to school, or start that business or tell that person you like them, whatever it is…. don’t be afraid to just do it, if you fail, it wouldn’t be because you didn’t try.

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